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French men over the age of 50 cheating rate was 66%

French investigators ivo's poll, has cheated the French as high as forty percent, about 55% of men will cheat, 32% of women admitted cheating.Over a third of people said that if we can determine not to be found, they will find a lover.Men over the age of 50 is the most common cheating professionals, ratio of 66%, followed by the political left is 45%.Interestingly, 63% of respondents believe that even if otherwise communicating with their male or female partner, they can still fall in love with your mate.

French men flower heart, everyone knows, especially French President francois hollande and actress affair, his approval ratings don't drop up more to prove it.Therefore, France is not, of course, make the men more easily derailed the country, up to 55% of the cheating rate is a little weird.

"Cheating" is nearly a decade love field to mention and most controversial an emotional behavior, from many countries cheating number is increasing year by year.So, lead to increasing the number of cheating the root cause?

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