Yoga Bling

Yoga: Is it about the yoga or the accessories?

Yoga bling is everywhere, and it's getting more sophisticated by the day. Which is funny, since yoga requires almost no gear at all.

One of things I love about yoga is that it's blissfully gear-free. Technically, you need nothing at all, though non-binding clothes and a sticky mat make things easier.

But it's easy to spend big money on the latest accessories, like chic carriers and hip, interesting mats that are photo-screened with digital images of planks and graphic text. One can buy eco-friendly hemp yoga pants, yoga socks and bamboo blocks. How about communication-enhancing beads to wear during practice or a $50 specialized yoga towel.

Now, I'm suspectible to cool-looking, well-designed things. Over the years, I've managed to collect several pairs of Prana pants. Since they're also great for running errands and going to the movies, I wear them all the time and get plenty of use of out of them.

But I'm less satisfied by the mat carrier I bought a couple years ago. I don't need a carrier for my trek to class (I drive there, after all). I splurged on one just because I liked the way it looked, slung across my shoulder, and it's turned out to be a pointless purchase.

Cute as my mat carrier is, it doesn't help my practice or inspire me to go to class more often. It doesn't protect my mat. And, since it travels from a hook inside my closet to a hook outside class, it gets very little appreciation at all.

When I see all the chic, new yoga bling out there, I have to remind myself that all I really need for my yoga practice is a good class.

And then I take a deep breath and try to resist the temptation to buy more pretty, but useless bits of gear. Or try, anyway. 

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