The Way to Wake Up

If you're the jump-out-of-bed, throw-on-some-clothes, fly-out-the-door type of morning person, this could be the summer to reinvent yourself. Acknowledging and respecting the space between sleeping and consciousness will help to make the transition into your day less traumatic and more productive.

Start like this:

  • Early morning yoga and/or meditation: Vigorous sun salutes aren't necessary, but your body will benefit from 15 minutes of gentle stretching. Breathe deeply into your tightest areas, visualizing opening, and release. If you are prone to workday anxiety, take a few minutes now to sit quietly. Allow thoughts to move easily through your mind as you focus on the breath. This mind-quieting sets the stage for a manageable day.
  • A DIY scalp and facial massage: Steal three minutes from your shower to give yourself a mini acupressure rubdown. Keep your thumbs on your temples as you run the middle knuckle of your index fingers across the eyebrows, eyelids, under the eyes and under the cheekbones. Then, circle your mouth with your index fingers as well as your chin and jaw line. Finish up with a firm massage from the hairline to the base of the scalp.
  • Hot water and lemon: Before you ingest a drop of coffee, drink a cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon. This simple concoction instantly hydrates while improving digestion, detoxifying and most importantly alkalinizing the blood and tissues, which maintains health and vitality.

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