Strategies for Office Meditation

5 tips for finding quiet time at the office to focus and rejuvenate

Ever had a really stressful day at the office and think, “Boy, I sure could go for some meditation right about now”? Well now you can do just that.

According to MedWorks, a corporate meditation program, meditation can increase your productivity and boost your physical and mental balance at work. In addition, practicing office relaxation techniques can reduce your stress level and keep you focused on your job duties. Read on for some strategies for easy office meditation techniques that you can perform right at your desk.

The benefits of meditation at work

Anxiety, stress and fatigue are common occupational hazards. According to MedWorks, performing a few basic office relaxation and meditation techniques at the office can boost your mental performance so that you can do your work in a more relaxed environment with more fluidity and fewer problems.

Make time for mindful breathing

Mindful breathing is an easy meditation and relaxation technique that can be performed at the office. Inhale deeply until your stomach fully extends, then pull your navel in toward your spine as you exhale. According to Michael Murphy and Steven Donovan’s The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation, this easy meditation technique can be performed at the office and can stabilize your blood pressure while increasing oxygen flow to the brain. This, in turn, can make you more alert and focused so you can work more efficiently.

Try mindful meditation

Mindful meditation is not a good office relaxation technique if your job requires quick decision-making skills or the operation of heavy machinery or power tools that require you to focus both on the task at hand and be acutely aware of everything else going on around you. Mindful meditation simply involves focusing intently on the job at hand. For example, if you have to draft a press release, you would simply think, “I will now draft this press release,” or “I am drafting this press release.” This keeps your focus on your work and doesn’t allow your mind to wander toward thoughts that will distract you from your duties.

Keep quiet

Meditate without words and use visualization. Expand your focus to the sensations your body is experiencing as you perform your work duties. According to the Health Education Alliance for Life and Longevity, if you visualize in your mind a task you want to accomplish or a desire you want fulfilled, you are utilizing a powerful means of bringing it into your tangible experience. So picture what you want, and you just might get it.

Ask about office meditation programs

Find out if your office has a corporate meditation program. Office relaxation and meditation sessions are conducted off-hours so they don’t interfere with your regular work schedule. The sessions take place in a quiet conference room or office, and participants can wear their regular work clothes. Other office relaxation or meditation opportunities may include corporate gym membership discounts or in-office yoga classes. Some corporate campuses even offer designated meditation areas.

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