Spring Detox Foods & Shopping List

Detoxify and rebalance your body with cleansing foods

Feeling sluggish? Achy? Bloated? Time to detox. But where do you start?

Start now with spring foods that have exceptional natural detoxifying power. In the rainy and muddy months of spring, nature provides a low-fat, low-mucus harvest of sprouts, greens and berries. Use the spring grocery list below and eat more of these detox diet foods from March through June to help detox and rebalance your body.

Though these certainly aren’t the only items you can eat during this time, they are the in-season foods most beneficial if you want to detoxify and keep your digestive and lymph systems working at their peak. These foods can help you feel better, boost fat burn and prevent illness during the months of spring!

For a more customized approach to eating for detoxification, find out your Ayurvedic mind-body type profile, or dosha, and use the tips in Ayurveda for Detox to tailor your eating, fitness and other routines to your mind-body type.

Spring detox foods grocery list

(March – June)

*Emphasize foods marked with an asterisk

Vegetables Spices Fruit Oils
*Alfalfa Sprouts Anise Apples Canola
Artichokes Asafoetida Blueberries *Corn
*Asparagus Basil *Dried Fruit (all) Flax
*Bean Sprouts Bay Leaf Grapefruit Mustard
Beets *Black Pepper Lemons, Limes Safflower
*Bell Peppers Chamomile Papayas Soy
*Bitter Melon Caraway Pears Sunflower
Broccoli Cardamom Pomegranates (sour) Nuts & Seeds
*Brussels Sprouts *Cayenne Raspberries Filberts
*Cabbage Cinnamon Strawberries Pinons
*Carrots *Clove All Berries Pumpkin
*Cauliflower Coriander Legumes *Sunflower
*Celery Cumin *All Sprouted Beans Dairy
*Chicory Dill Adzuki Ghee (moderation)
*Chillies, dried Fennel Black Gram Lowfat yogurt (moderation)
Cilantro Fenugreek Garbanzo Rice/Soy milk
*Collard Greens Garlic Fava *Goat milk
*Corn Ginger *Goya Beverages
*Dandelion Horseradish *Kidney Black Tea (moderation)
*Endive Marjoram *Lentils Coffee (moderation)
Fennel Mustard *Lima Water (room temp. to hot)
*Garlic Nutmeg *Mung Sweeteners
Ginger Oregano Split Pea *Honey – Raw
*Green Beans Peppermint Grains Maple Syrup
*Hot Peppers Poppy Seeds Amaranth Molasses
Jicama Rosemary Barley Condiments
*Kale Saffron Buckwheat Carob
Leeks Sage Corn Pickles
*Lettuce Spearmint Millet  
*Mushrooms Thyme Oats, dry  
*Mustard Greens Turmeric Quinoa  
*Onions Herb Teas Rice, Brown, long grain  
*Parsley Alfalfa Rye  
*Peas *Cardamom Lean Meat & Fish  
*Potatoes, baked *Chicory Chicken  
*Radishes *Cinnamon Duck (moderation)  
Seaweed *Cloves Eggs (moderation)  
Snow Peas *Dandelion Freshwater fish  
*Spinach *Ginger Lamb (moderation)  
*Swiss Chard *Hibiscus Ocean fish (moderation)  
*Turnips *Orange Peel Turkey  
*Watercress *Strawberry Leaf    

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Can you repost this list without the items being repeated some three times (ie. corn) and some times the repeated items have an asterisk and sometimes they don't (ie. cinnamon). I am really excited to see this list but it would be nice if it was a little more organized. Thank you!

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Ah... I get it. The pre-formatting just doesn't allow for more than three columns. But there are more than three categories. Perhaps some bolding, putting the categories in ALL CAPS or a different layout may have helped with avoiding confusion, as I see Legumes and Fruits in the same column (there are 4 in the last column... kinda like a word search from when I was a kid). Took me a while as well to sort this all out myself.

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The chart should be rendering as a graphic now rather than text, thanks to the fabulous Gaiam development team.

alice disilva
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Detox treatments facilitate your body in gently releasing these toxins without any debilitating symptoms. Many people got the result like improved energy, clearer skin, improved digestion, and increased concentration and clarity after a detox diet.

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yeah,reasonable diet, our body will be healthy.Like mom's cooking

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Really very good tutorial! I truly enjoy spring detox foods and shopping list. Thanks for placement here. Keep it up!

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Thanks for sharing Spring Detox food list. it is very useful for us.

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I wanted to say that it's nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer health women

Valerie Gleaton
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Hi Redy,

Foods that are listed more than once are listed in their different forms. For instance, corn the vegetable versus corn oil, or cinnamon the spice versus cinnamon tea. I hope that clears up any confusion!

Kind regards,

Gaiam Content and Social Media Coordinator

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Many people would not know about this Spring Detox food list. But now this will be very helpful for the people. Hope so this food list will help many people in order to maintain their health.

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Above mentioned details about spring Detox foods and grocery shopping list is very informative. I've a great time reading through such lovely come up. Just wanted to admire you for nice contribution!!

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Its great i get it all these for my spring shopping i have split vegetables and fruits list i think this is the best collection of products for spring.


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You make this information interesting and engaging. You give readers a lot to think about and I appreciate that kind of writing.And he actually bought me lunch because I stumbled upon it for him... lol. So let me reword this good | ffxiv gil

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I cannot believe this site is suggesting corn, in any form, as a detox food, let alone EMPHASIZING it.....Corn is one of the first things you should cut from your diet....90% of CORN in North America is Genetically Modified and contributes to sooooooooo many disease.After seeing this, I cannot in good conscience believe anything else I see on this site. I am so blown away by this...Goes to show that Big Business and Pharma has even infiltrated this seemingly informative website....Goodbye GAIAM Life....PS All of you should watch the documentary FOOD MATTERS and that will be a great start for any detox diet!!!!!!!

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