Reclaimed and Recycled Products to Rev Up Your Summer

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If spring is a time of rebirth, then summer is all about a few other “re” words: like relaxation, rejuvenation and rejoice.

And what better way to breathe in summer than with products that offer peace of mind, by using materials that have been diverted from landfills and repurposed into something else. “Buying recycled” is a big part of recycling — it completes the recycling loop and increases demand for recycled material.
It also saves our planet’s valuable resources. For example, recycling one million tons of PET plastic (like soda bottles) saves more than 9 million barrels of oil, according to Eco-Cycle.
Here are some great ways to celebrate summer and add “repurpose” to your list of “re” words:
From thirst quencher to wasp catcher
Recycled Glass Wasp CatcherGlass bottlesSummer is abuzz with activities that take advantage of the abundant sunshine and warmth. Unfortunately, that often includes encounters with aggressive wasps. But that doesn’t mean you need to turn to toxic repellents to relax in peace. You can make your own wasp traps from 2-liter bottles or spruce up your backyard trees and trestles with decorative ones made from recycled glass. Our Recycled Glass Wasp Catcher uses lemonade or sugar water to lure wasps in. They’re so pretty you’ll want to hang them up even if you don’t have a wasp problem!
From aged wine to seat divine
Wine Barrel ChairsWine barrelIt doesn’t get more relaxing than sitting outside with a glass of wine on a warm night, especially when the chair you’re sitting on is also finely aged. Leftover wine corks are a favorite repurposed material and can be used for anything from picture frames to trivets. And now old wine barrels are being given a new lease on life as well. Our Wine Barrel Furniture, made from 100% salvaged white oak wine barrels, offers a comfortable resting spot as well as a rustic, well-aged look to your patio or garden.
From lobster boats to whale-friendly doormats
Marine Rope Door MatFloat ropesIf summer finds you on the New England coast, you just might be lucky enough to spot a whale or two. For the rest of us, we can help increase your chances of a sighting with a doormat that supports safer seas for whales. Maine lobstermen have traditionally used float ropes for their traps. Unfortunately, they were also entangling North Atlantic Right Whales. A new program is encouraging lobstermen to trade in their float ropes for heavier sinking ropes that keep whales safe. You can give these indestructible, mildew-proof float ropes a new purpose with our colorful Reclaimed Marine Rope Doormat.
From yesterday’s cast iron to tonight’s campfire
Copper Fire BowlCast ironCampfires are a highlight of summer. Light one and you’ll beckon marshmallows on the end of sticks as well as hours and hours of storytelling. These intimate evenings need not wait for a backwoods camping trip. Our Copper Fire Bowl lets you safely burn full logs right in your backyard. Made from recycled cast iron with a copper finish, you’ll warm your conscience every time you light a fire.
From plastic containers to alfresco living
Turkish Pattern All-Weather Reversible Floor MatPlastic bottlesThose plastic bottles, containers and jugs you’ve been tossing into the recycling bin can come in quite handy. For example, you can turn them into self-watering planters so you don’t come home to dead plants after summer’s getaways. Recycled PET can be found in many useful summer items, such as backpacks and our farmers’ market-friendly 100% Recycled Eco Zip Tote. Now recycled polypropylene (#5 plastic) is getting in on the action, with our Turkish Pattern Reversible All-Weather Rug. Handcrafted by fair trade artisans, this recycled plastic rug stands up to the elements while adding a living-room look to your deck, patio or porch. 
From rubber flip-flops to welcome mat
Flip Flop Door MatFlip flopsYay for sandy toes! (Sandy floors, not so much.) Our Flip-Flop Doormat keeps leftover foam rubber scraps out of landfills by turning them into a colorful mat that removes sand and soil at your door. While a doormat is perhaps the most apropos use for flip-flop waste, you can also find this cushiony material in everything from dog beds to playground equipment.
From old glass to glittering evenings
Recycled Jewelry SetGlass bottlesThe long days of summer give rise to more evening get-togethers, whether it’s a concert in a park or a BBQ in the backyard. The festivities usually mean more glass bottles in the recycling bin. What better way to mark the occasions, then, than with our Recycled Glass Earring + Bracelet Set. Give yourself a little fair-trade bling that completes the recycling ring.
Here’s to a happy summer, and happy repurposing!


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It looks so good! The reclaimed and Recycled Products will bring us to a healthy world!

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