Options for Using Green Energy in Your Home

3 types of alternative energy sources that might be available in your community

Although conserving energy is key in helping the environment, don't think you'll have to convert to an Amish lifestyle to be environmentally conscious. Green energy allows individuals to use electricity in their homes with less environmental impact. Here are three major kinds of green energy that may, or may not, be available in your community.

Solar energy

Solar energy is produced when solar cells absorb rays of sunlight. The resulting energy is clean, coming from a renewable source and can be used to power a home, office or other structure.

Geothermal energy

Anyone who has seen the steam rising from the ground near naturally occurring hot springs has seen geothermal energy in the works. This clean energy is generated from heat in the ground, and although it can be used to heat springs, it can also be used to power homes. However, the drawback to geothermal energy is that it's only available in certain states—generally the Western ones, according to Puget Sound Energy. In addition, the initial conversion to geothermal energy can be costly.

Wind power is green energy

Across the United States, wind turbines are being used to generate electricity for homes and commercial buildings. Although a single wind turbine — as long as it is high enough off the ground — can be used to generate electricity, many wind turbines are often used together to create wind farms for large-scale energy production. This type of energy can be harnessed almost anywhere, but it requires wind towers — which some consider unsightly — and wind blowing in the right direction to produce energy.

Choosing green energy in your home

Making the decision to go with green energy in your home requires that you do research to determine what kind of green energy is available in your area. The federal Combined Heat and Power Partnership, Green Power Partnership and state and local incentives make finding and using this type of power in your home easier.

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