Making Conversations with God: Finally, a filmmaker Neale Walsch trusts

Neale Donald Walsch had been getting offers for nearly a decade to turn his series of bestselling books into a film. He turned them all down.

But when the knock on the door came from the producer of the Academy Award-winning film What Dreams May Come, Walsch felt he'd finally found a kindred spirit in the moviemaking business.

Conversations with God tells the true story of when Walsch (played by Henry Czerny) hit rock bottom — and asked God some angry questions.

The answers he got from God — and what they had to do with his own soul — became the foundation of an internationally acclaimed book series that has sold over 7 million copies and has been translated into 34 languages. The inspirational movie chronicles how his dialog with God and himself inadvertently made him a spiritual messenger and best-selling author.

Actor Henry Czerny, James Mapes and director Stephen Simon on the set of

Actor Henry Czerny, James Mapes and director Stephen Simon on the set of "Conversations with God".

“My film career has been dominated by my quest to make films out of three extraordinary books,” says veteran movie producer Stephen Simon. “First it was Somewhere in Time, which took almost 5 years from the time I first read the book. What Dreams May Come took almost 20 years. Conversations with God and Neale’s emotional, provocative journey has been in my head — and my heart — for almost 10 years.”


Walsch says Simon's “extraordinarily high level of artistic integrity, vision and willingness to collaborate,” finally convinced him to have his story told on the big screen.

"This film had to be from and of the heart," says Simon," and I believe we accomplished our goal. I am thrilled to say Conversations with God  is a powerful, mystical, controversial and surprising film."

The two men saw that in making Conversations with God, they could not only to stay true to Walsch's vision for his story, but also begin to bring a much larger vision to life in the film industry.

"It is about a new face for filmed entertainment." says Simon. "From the time I started on this journey, I have talked about spiritual cinema being the 21st century vision of shamanic storytelling, encompassing the ritual of a shaman at a campfire, passing down the myths of the culture from one generation to another. "The filmmaker is a shaman, bringing those myths to the screen to illuminate our humanity. It's about creating new myths as filmmakers, and bringing forgotten myths into the light."

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CWG is one of my most favorite movies. I can watch this movie many times and still be moved everytime. Stephen Simon is an inspiring director who is able to touch the hearts of his audiences and make us feel love, hope and compassion. I also loved Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come. Thank you for writing the article. Love and peace, Gail

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