Macabre Upcycling: From Coffins to Memorial Cards

Looking for a memento mori? Pick from these upcycled and recycled goods to stay green -- in life or death.

Determined to shrink your carbon footprint — both in life or death? A few enterprising green companies want to help you take your "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra to your grave.

  • Coffins-turned-couches. Unused coffins with “slight cosmetic inconsistencies” are brought to life by an upcycling company in California called Coffin Couches. The 18 gauge steel coffins are collected from local funeral homes to be “reconfigured and modified resulting in a finished product — a unique one-of-a-kind coffin couch."
  • Cardboard-turned-coffins. Ecocoffins are made in the U.K. out of recycled cardboard or recycled board. In addition to being strong and biodegradable, the coffins come in many colorful designs and can be customized. Biodegrade in peace.
  • Memorial-service-invite-turned-wildflowers. Get your 100 percent post-consumer recycled memorial bookmarks and service invitations from Remembrance Tree Papers, part of eco-friendly paper company Twisted Limb Paperworks. The paper products come embedded with seeds, so once the service ends, guests can bury their invitations or notes to sprout wildflowers.

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