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Between working in Marketing for Gaiam, caring for an active and adorable 18-month-old daughter and trying to grab some “hey, how are you?” time with her husband, Kristen couldn’t imagine how she’d get to the gym to de-stress and stay energized for her busy days — until Gaiam TV came along.
We’re proud to announce the newest way to help you live fit, live healthy, live green and live happy. Launched this summer, is a streaming video service that gives you access to thousands of online videos, from workout videos to full-length feature films.
“I can choose from more than 400 online yoga and fitness classes,” Kristen says, “so I can fit in a workout when I have time.” (Check out Kristen’s favorite Gaiam TV workout videos at the end of this article.)
For less than $10 a month, you’ll be connected instantly to the quality media you expect from Gaiam — think Rodney Yee’s A.M. & P.M. Yoga and Jillian Michaels’ Backside Workout — as well as inspiring documentaries, family movies, green living how-to’s and personal-growth videos. And you can access from your laptop, smartphone or iPad®. It’s where you are, when you’re ready for it.
“Finding time to get to a gym or yoga studio is challenging at this point in my life,” Kristen says. “Gaiam TV is a very accessible way to work out at home.” She also notes how easy it is to click open a video when you’re on the go. “You can stream a class right to your laptop and work out in your hotel room!”
It’s no surprise that Gaiam TV allows you to do yoga, Pilates and cardio programs taught by instructors you know and trust. What may surprise you is how many different teachers and styles of exercise we offer. “No one has the quality of content and the breadth of instructors that we do,” Kristen says. Now you can try out new trainers anytime you want and come back to your favorites. Gaiam TV gives you plenty of options, from 10-minute quick sets to hour-long routines.
Imagine what a great gift Gaiam TV would make for new moms, busy professionals, stay-at-home parents, even college students. What first-time student wouldn’t love the help Gaiam TV provides to avoid gaining the dreaded “Freshman 15”? And how thoughtful would it be to give grandparents a way to de-stress right in their own home?
September is National Yoga Month, and there’s no better time to discover Start your free 10-day trial and check out new names and fan favorites in yoga and fitness, such as Kathryn Budig, Trudie Styler, The FIRM and more. We’d love to get your feedback — give Gaiam TV a try and let us know what you think!

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My wife and I were just having a conversation about how she wants to exercise more/change-up her normal workout routine, but with a 4-month baby she can't really get to a gym and hates how expensive some of the yoga studios are around us. Maybe GaiamTV will be perfect for her. Go Gaiam!

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Gaiam TV will definitely bring a brand new experience for users. There are other tv shows as well which are getting popular all over the world like Bigg Boss.

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