How to Slim Your Thighs

4 steps to reduce cellulite and tone your thighs

Ahh, thighs. Magnets for cellulite. Difficult to tone. Enemies to many women. Thighs are a common problem area for women, especially because their bodies store fat easily there. You can turn to gyms, trainers, videos and magazines to learn how to slim your thighs, but you can get a head start on slimming down your thighs by following these steps.

Step 1: Eat less

If you’re wondering how to slim your thighs, it should go without saying that in order to lose weight, you need to cut down on the calories you consume. The Mayo Clinic recommends you eat less, but also eat better by increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption. According to Matt Danielsson, body-builder and personal trainer, it is total body weight loss that will ultimately help you slim down your thighs: Spot-training a muscle will tone it, but not eliminate the fat that surrounds it.

Step 2: Exercise more

Eat less and exercise more. It’s a well-known saying when it comes to weight loss, and that’s because it’s true. According to Shape magazine, cardio workouts help burn calories and contribute to total body weight loss, but targeted resistance training is a good way to slim down your thighs because it tones muscles and decreases your cellulite. The magazine recommends exercises such as the bicycle, as well as leg lifts, slides and raises to help slim down your thighs. Shape adds that two exercises in particular — the squat jump and the inclined plie leg press — target and slim your inner thighs.

Step 3: Focus your exercise

Your inner thigh muscles are also called adductors, and the area around them can be the hardest to slim down. If you’re wondering how to slim your thighs, especially your inner thighs, certified trainer Kent Burden recommends you focus on the following exercises:

  • The adductor band press-down with a medium-resistance exercise band
  • A low-cable pulley machine with an ankle cuff to work your inner-thigh muscles

Burden suggests doing these exercises consecutively while continuing to increase the weight or resistance, as you increase your strength, will help tone and ultimately slim your inner thighs.

Two machines at the gym can also help slim your inner and outer thighs: the abductor/adductor machines. These machines require you to spread your legs as far as you can from a closed-knees position, or start with your knees spread and close them. These machines are a great way to work both your adductor and abductor muscles and slim down your thighs.

Step 4: As a last resort, fake it

Been eating healthy and working out but still wondering how to slim your thighs? You can always try faking it. Cellulite creams claim to break down fat composition and make your thighs and bum look slimmer. Creams containing caffeine also claim to slim down your thighs and improve the appearance of your skin. If you're pale-skinned, another idea to try is a self-tanning lotion. Tanned skin appears slimmer than pale skin, so spread on that self-tanner to make those thighs look more toned. Just be sure to tan safely — avoid the sun and tanning beds.

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