How to Overcome Negativity

4 steps for focusing on positive thoughts

Are you the type of person who always thinks of things that could go wrong in every situation? Do you often find yourself depressed by feelings of impending doom that have no basis but what you have conjured up in your mind? You may be a negaholic; someone addicted to negativity. Negativity is a habit that is learned, and, as such, it is a habit that can be broken.

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, one of the world's leading experts on negativity, says that negativity is largely due to an inability to express your feelings. Follow these steps to overcome negativity and break your negaholic habits.

Step 1: Ask yourself, "Am I willing to feel?"

Being negative is another way of living in denial of fears and insecurities. Dr. Carter-Scott says that to overcome negativity, you need to be painfully honest with the existence of these fears and insecurities. Getting in touch with these feelings and learning to manage them is extremely important in cleansing yourself from negativity.

Step 2: Recognize that feelings and thoughts are different

Thoughts are rational and feelings are not. Distinguishing between the two will allow you to pinpoint what feelings are causing your negativity and allow you to start overcoming them. Overcoming negativity starts with a thought, but ends with an emotion.

Step 3: Stop obsessing over what you do not have

Concentrate on what you do have. Overcoming negativity takes practice, so once you identify those feelings which bring negativity to the front of your mind, immediately start focusing on the good in your life and push the bad away. You will start replacing the habit of negativity with the habit of focusing on positive thoughts.

Step 4: Meditate on love

Denise Coates, author and a leading "Feel Good Coach," recommends practicing overcoming your negativity addiction by focusing on love. Every time you feel anger or hurt rising up, immediately say to yourself repeatedly, "Love is better than hurt. Love is better than anger. I will hold onto love." In this way, you will condition your mind to focus on good, positive thoughts and emotions, and to overcome negativity.

Once you learn to break the habit of negativity using these four easy steps, you will be free to live a life that is open to new experiences, love and joy. Your new outlook on life will give you confidence and will take you toward developing the habit that will help you in every endeavor: thinking positively.

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