How to Feng Shui Your Cubicle

3 steps to energize your workspace

If there's one place that could use an optimization of positive energy, it's the cubicle. Those tiny room sections are victims of corporate penny-pinching and a depreciation of individualism, leaving most of them drab and grey.

Feng shui, an Eastern aesthetic practice, promotes arranging a space in such a way that chi, or life energy, flows freely throughout it. According to Eastern belief, using feng shui in your cubicle will promote wealth and positivity, reduce stress and give you a commanding feeling.

Step 1: Face the entrance

If your work area is portable, try to move it so you can face the entrance. Entryways are believed to be the literal opening through which chi flows into a space, and facing the entrance in your office will plant you face-first in its path. If your work desk is a counter that is attached to the cubicle walls, install a mirror so you can see the entrance. It will not only redirect the chi towards you, but it gives the small space a more open feeling. Stick a small piece of red tape to the back of your chair, which will stop negative chi from hitting you from behind.

Step 2: Accessorize

Cubicles are small spaces, so adding accessories for decoration can make the space feel cluttered. Instead of knick-knacks, add green plants in odd numbers to the space because they stir up positive energy. Make sure you choose plants that don't require a lot of sunlight, because cubicles are rarely situated near windows.

For optimum feng shui at work, you’ll also need an electric fountain. Flowing water draws monetary success, which is very appropriate for an office setting, so put it as close to the entrance as possible. If your workplace won't allow a small electrical fountain, hang a large print of a waterfall.

Step 3: Organize

Clutter and dirt disrupt the flow of positive chi, drain energy and add actual physical stress according to Elizabeth Scott, a stress-management wellness coach. The most common area for clutter accumulation is under the desk where you rest your feet. You can find purses, wires, computer towers, stacked books and dust bunnies under there. Remove as much as possible, and wrap up the wires so they aren't a tangled mess.

If your cubicle has an overhead space, clear it off. Heavy books and files above you can direct energy down onto your head, giving you a heavy and tired feeling.

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