How Does a Successful Dieter Think?

Research has shown that 95 percent of dieters that lose weight gain all of it, if not more weight, back. And most of that weight is gained back within the first year. Many doctors, scientists and health professionals have spent a lot of time researching the weight loss/weight gain rollercoaster ride.

The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR), defines a successful dieter as a person that has lost over 30+ pounds and has been successfully maintaining that weight loss for over one year. So how do these 5 percent of dieters succeed? What is it about them that makes them a winner in the battle of the bulge? It isn't luck. Nor is it a magic diet pill.

According to one researcher at the NWCR, Inga Treitler Ph.D, it is the thinking style of these dieters that helps them avoid becoming yet another dieting failure statistic. Treitler studied the thinking styles of NWCR participants using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). Ned Herrmann, developer of the HBDI, believes that each person's brain has four quadrants; with each of us having one dominant quadrant that influences our thinking and learning styles. According to Herrmann the characteristics of the 4 quadrants are:

1. Upper Left quadrant people are analytical, mathematical and logical.

2. Lower Left quadrant people are methodical, thrive off structure and routine and always have a plan and follow a timetable and/or organized calendar.

3. Lower Right quadrant people are emotional, like people and connecting with others.

4. The Upper Right brain thinker is visual, gets bored easily, and likes taking risks.

The results of Treitler's study showed that successful dieters are lower left-brain thinkers. Weight loss champions and maintenance victors use particular methods, structure, routines, plans, organization, timetables and/or calendars. They plan time everyday for exercise, penciling in time for themselves daily to move their bodies. They organize what they are eating for the day and even go so far as setting up meal plans for the week. They are methodical when it comes to weighing and measuring food and/or calorie counting. Finally they stay dedicated to themselves with accountability tactics such as writing down everything they eat every day, no matter what.

This New Year, think like a successful dieter using the lower left quadrant of your brain. Pick a healthy habit that you want to make a new behavior, such as writing down what you eat every day, penciling in all the days and times you will exercise this week or planning ahead with a healthy brown bagged lunch. There is an age-old saying,"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." This New Year, plan to succeed when it comes to eating healthfully and exercising.





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