Hempy Holidays!

 Green beauty gifts that will last and last and last.

I've been waiting for the EcoTools cosmetic bags to come out FOR-EVER. I’m a keen fan of the brand as it is. The brushes are made from sustainable bamboo, with recycled aluminum ferrules and non-animal hair (good for all the animal lovers on your holiday list). Plus, as makeup tools, they WORK, they’re super inexpensive and easy to find (Target and Walgreens).

AND NOW… Alicia Silverstone (a famously gorgeous and green vegan who also has a book out now called The Kind Diet—she’s not clueless at all), has teamed up with Ecotools to give the brand a little pizazz, as well as some fantastic new cosmetic bags made from hemp. I love hemp. It’s a seriously sustainable fabric, and durable, to boot. Ecotools has several sizes to choose from (a purse size, a “back-of-the-toilet” size and an overnight/vacation size), AND they cost a lot less than the fabulously green makeup you’ll be putting in them!

My favorite feature (other than the material) is the inside pockets: The overnight bag has two large clear removable zippy compartments that Velcro in and out—great for when you’ve got powder all over and need to run it under the tap, plus one huge clear zippy compartment. It’s great to be able to see everything you have. And the back of the toilet bag (let’s be honest, that’s where we all keep it) is actually called the "Train Case,” and has a removable zippy compartment built right into the lid! Nice surprise. You can keep eyeliners and lip pencils and other items that always seem to escape you when you’re rooting around at 6am.

Finally, EcoTools gets another big fat nod from The Green Makeup Artist because not only are the bags made of hemp, but the lining is made with recycled plastic, the flowers are printed with non-toxic ink, and even the tags are eco friendly. Get this—they’re made from stone paper!

Yeah, I didn’t know what stone paper was either—I’m Google guilty! Turns out, it’s 80% calcium carbonate (like limestone), and 20% non-toxic resin. Stone paper uses no water or chemicals in manufacturing, the product is stronger than paper, smooth, and leaves HALF the carbon footprint that recycled paper does! The last time I got this excited about tree-less paper, it was made from elephant poop. (Seriously, poop paper. It’s a thing. Doesn’t smell, and feels nice. Who doesn’t want a poop paper sketchbook? Hint, hint.)

Back to the hempsters: My biggest recommendation for you greenies this holiday season is this: if you don’t ALREADY have fabulous makeup brushes (remember, being green isn’t about throwing perfectly fine things away), then buy yourself the new five piece set that EcoTools put out with Alicia Silverstone. It’s got a new "finishing brush” that you’ll recognize as an eco-friendly version of a famous department store brand brush, an angled eyeshadow brush, a blush brush, and lash/brow groomer. (I usually take the brow brush out and replace the holder with an eyeliner brush, contour or lip brush since my brows are already wimpy and huddled in a corner on my face). The brush bag zips around, matches all the other bags, and has an inside clear pocket to stuff a few extra brushes into.

Here's a gift giving idea: For your girlfriend/mother/sister who’s NOT green—the EcoTools Limited Edition Brush Set, with a green lipgloss or blush (100% Pure makes really clean ones) tucked inside! A stylish and thoughtful present!

Here’s the price rundown: 5-piece brush set & bag is $16, train case is $15, overnight bag is $20.

Hempy Holidays!!

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