Green iPhone Apps Put Technology to Good Use

I’m a Blackberry person myself, but I do get jealous of all the iPhone apps — especially the green-themed ones that make eco-living easier. If you’re an iPhone user, here are a few apps to download for 2010:

>> Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Guide iPhone app. You no longer need to carry out those paper wallet guides! Now, you can just whip out your phone to see at a glance whether or not the fish dish you’re about to order is sustainable and healthy. The Seafood Watch Guide also has a mobile version that works with other smart phones.

>> The Locavore iPhone App. Keep track of what fruits and veggies are in season in your area. Then find out where and when a farmers’ market is open near you, to make sure you’re getting in-season, fresh produce while supporting your local community.

>> The GoodGuide iPhone App. Green shopping’s gotten easier in major stores with this iPhone app, which lets you simply scan barcodes with your phone to get a score on how environmentally and socially admirable (or abominable) a product is.


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