Facial Exercises for Wrinkles

4 step-by-step exercises to make your face look younger

You exercise to tone your body, so why not fight facial wrinkles by doing the same for your face? While there isn't hard scientific research to prove that facial exercises work, there is anecdotal evidence: Dr. Mark Berman, former president of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons, notes that he has seen the process work. At the very least, you'll give yourself a de-stressing massage. Think of it as "alternative medicine for wrinkles."

Smooth out those crow's feet

Carolyn Cleaves of Carolyn's Facial Fitness suggests an eye-lifting exercise for reducing crow's feet.

  • Begin by squeezing your eyes shut tightly.
  • Place your thumbs at the corners of your eyes, then glide them out to your temples. Your fingers should be resting on the crown of your head.
  • Do 10 repetitions.

Lift your jowls to firm facial muscles

Cleaves' "Jowl Lifter" exercise is designed to tone the skin at the sides of the mouth.

  • Start by placing the fingers of your right hand on the right side of your face, just beneath your jawline.
  • Tilt your head back slightly while sliding your bottom lip up over your top lip.
  • Turn your head to the right as you squeeze the muscles in your right cheek.
  • Squeeze your right eye closed.
  • Move your fingertips from your jawline to the outer corner of your mouth, using gentle pressure.

Repeat on the left side of your face, then do five more repetitions per side.

Smooth out the eye area

Marja Putkisto, founder of the Method Putkisto Face School system of facial exercises and founder of the Method Putkisto Pilates professional training program in Finland, suggests this exercise for alleviating wrinkles under the eyes.

  • Begin by placing your fingertips just under your eyebrows while lifting your eyelids slightly.
  • Without moving your fingers, shut your upper eyelids firmly.
  • Hold for a count of five, relax and repeat twice more.


  • Place your fingertips at the outer corners of each eye.
  • Slide your fingers up slightly while pressing your eyelids downward.
  • Relax, then repeat three more times.

Tone up your cheeks

To tone the skin of sagging cheeks, Putkisto suggests the Center Triangle Lift.

  • Bring your fingertips to your cheekbones, about an inch from your temples.
  • Bow your head slightly toward your chest.
  • With your fingers, push up your cheek muscles, bringing them over the cheekbone.
  • Exhale.

To stretch your cheek muscles, open and close your mouth slowly as you hold your fingertips in place. Do five to 10 repetitions.

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