Celebrity Planet: Will Ferrell's Love of the Environment is No Laughing Matter

Everybody seems to love the hilarious Will Ferrell — including Mother Nature.

The star of the new film Step Brothers is a total ham — but he takes environmental issues quite seriously. He's an active member of the National Resources Defense Council, which works to protect wildlife and wild places and ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth. Will was also the first celebrity to drive the BMW Hydrogen 7, a 760Li luxury liner modified to run on hydrogen in addition to its normal gasoline diet.

"Will is very committed to helping the environment," a source tells the new Star magazine. "He built a very eco-friendly house, complete with a solar-energy system."

Well he can certainly afford it with all his hit movies!

Gossip Girl is back in production and I love seeing photos of the good-looking cast filming all over Manhattan. And there are several "showmances" going on between cast members that I like to keep tabs on. One real-life couple, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, is doing more than just posing on the red carpet — the cuties participated in the filming of ads encouraging people to conserve heat (by wearing more clothes), use reusable mugs for their coffee and cut back on junk mail by contacting the catalog companies. Check out all three ads right here.

It will be a long time before Sheryl Crow's son, Wyatt, gets behind the wheel — he's only one! — but he's already thinking hybrid. The cute little fella has been touring with mom and was snapped this week wearing a T-shirt that said: "Save some green for me... drive a hybrid." Check it out here.

Wish you could influence the next President about matters relating to the environment? Now is your chance. Brighter Planet and 1Sky have partnered to launch the Climate Matters Video Contest. You can record the message you want to deliver to our leaders, via video, and a panel of jurors — including The Dark Knight's Maggie Gyllenhaal will pick the best one, who will receive a nice chunk of prize money. The top videos will also be broadcast to millions online and on TV.

"We know Americans are inspired to take climate action; they're already taking steps everyday," said Jake Gyllenhaal's big sister. "I'm excited to see what people create."

My knowledge of Ryan Cabrera is limited to tidbits about his love life: He dated Ashlee Simpson and appeared in her reality TV show, and he's currently seeing Lisa Marie Presley's daughter, model Riley Keough. Well, you learn something new every day, right? And what I learned is that Ryan, a singer, converted a Prius into a plug-in car for the show The Rainforest Network. He was so excited by it — it took only two hours from start to finish — that he's getting his own hybrid and doing the same.

"I'm actually getting rid of my car this month as we speak, and I'm getting a Prius," Ryan told DoSomething.com. "And I'm going to do the conversion as well."

I've walked out of just one movie in my life — Bedazzled. It was Elizabeth Hurley's post-Austin Powers foray into the film business and it was dreadful. Dreadful! However, I'm going to encourage people to check out her latest project — a reality TV series — because it showcases her organic farm in Gloucestershire. The program follows Elizabeth as she goes about her everyday life looking after chickens and sheep — presumably while wearing fabulous clothes. (She was a model!)

Let's hope it's better than Bedreadful.

See you next week!

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The BMW Hydrogen 7, aside from being good-looking is also an environment-friendly car. I've heard it even runs better with aem cold air intake installed. Will Ferrell made a really great choice on that sports car.

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