Asanas for Cancer Patients

How practicing yoga builds hope for healing

Treatment for cancer can be energy-draining, to say the least, and challenging in physical, spiritual and emotional ways. While medical science continues to have breakthroughs, many doctors will tell you that recovery from any serious medical condition, including cancer, is intimately linked with the patient's ability to remain hopeful and believe that healing will occur.

In this light, “Life Goes Om” program seems quite appealing. This relatively new altruistic venture aims to help cancer patients maintain hope during the recovery process by practicing yoga. The way it works is simple: participating yoga studios agree to allow anyone currently undergoing cancer treatment to take classes for free. By practicing yoga, cancer patients can nurture a peaceful mind and cultivate the emotional and spiritual strength to see recovery through to its end.

As a commercial entity, enlists independent yoga studios in an affiliate program to help them boost their businesses and sell products. It created Life Goes Om as a way for these affiliates and other studios to participate communally in giving back to the wider community. Studios can sign up online to be listed in a directory of studios offering free admission to classes, which individuals undergoing cancer treatment can search.


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