5 Ways to Detox Your Shopping List

What you can scratch off the list for better health and wellness

If you want to eat a healthier diet and detox your body, start by editing your shopping list. A strict detox diet plan may call for severe limitation of calories or replacing food with liquid supplements, but you can get some of the cleansing benefits of detox recipes simply by cutting out certain food toxins and additives. Take a look at some key ways to detox your body through your shopping list.

Buy organic fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a staple of any plan to detox your body, but conventionally grown produce can contain some nasty substances. According to the Mayo Clinic website, conventional growing methods involve chemical fertilizers, spray insecticides and chemical herbicides. Certified organic produce, on the other hand, is grown using natural fertilizers such as organic compost, crop rotation strategies and alternative pest-control methods. Be sure to read labels closely. Only food that meets specified USDA standards can bear the word "organic," but manufacturers may try to get around this requirement through the use of labels like "all-natural" or "hormone-free."

Eliminate trans fats

Trans fat is considered worse than other types of fat because of its adverse effects on your cholesterol level. The Mayo Clinic website notes that trans fat doesn't only raise your bad cholesterol (LDL), but also reduces your good cholesterol (HDL). When reading food labels, look for the term "partially hydrogenated" oil, as this is a synonym for trans fat. Processed baked goods like cookies and crackers, as well as fried foods, are common bearers of trans fats.

Look for organic meat

Conventional methods of raising livestock can involve a variety of unhealthy substances. Nonorganic meat often comes from animals that have been given hefty doses of antibiotics, medications and growth hormones. Organic meat is produced using organic livestock feed and natural methods of curbing disease. (Animals are allowed to roam the outdoors and graze rather than being confined to indoor cages, too.)

Cut out cigarettes and alcohol to detox your body

One of the first rules of any detoxification plan is to cut out cigarettes, as smoking counters the healthy benefits of detoxifying your body. While recent studies have shown that alcohol, particularly organic red wine, can provide health benefits, most detox diet plans call for eliminating alcohol during the course of the program.

Pay attention to household chemicals

It doesn't make much sense to detox your body and follow a detox diet plan if you're also exposing yourself to toxic chemicals around your house. Unfortunately, federal law doesn't require manufacturers of cleaning products to list their full ingredients — but cleaners routinely contain toxins like petroleum solvents, butyl cellosolve and formaldehyde that can be damaging when inhaled. Avoid buying cleaners that bear the words "poison," "danger" or "warning," and opt for natural cleaning products labeled "nontoxic."

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