3 Takes on a Sinus Infection

In this month's Natural Health, a naturopath, otolaryngologist, and aromatherapist share their thoughts on treating a sinus infection. I always enjoy comparing and contrasting the viewpoints of different healthcare practitioners and these three are particularly diverse with recommendations spanning over-the-counter drugs to an essential oil rubdown. See which one works for you.

The otolaryngologist says: Sudafed or pain relievers like aspirin, Tylenol, or Motrin will help to relieve the symptoms of a sinus infection as will saltwater nasal sprays. A hot bath, a vaporizer, or a humidifier will help if you are someone who finds relief from steam.

And the naturopath: If there is no congestion, flush your sinuses with a saltwater solution using a neti pot. The salt water irrigates helps the passages open up and drain. To reduce pain take one or two grams of vitamin C, quercetin (500 mg., three times a day), or bromelain (500 mg., three times a day).

Lastly, the aromatherapist: Eucalyptus radiata is the most common essential oil for sinus trouble. Rub a drop into the palms and hold them over the nose and mouth taking three deep breaths. Applying five drops of palmarosa oil at the first sign of infection may prevent it from advancing. Rub it into the neck and chest, down the spine, and on the tops of the feet.

[via Natural Health Magazine]


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