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Valerie Gleaton
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And answer from Mari: To weak and tired

Instead of reaching your arms over you head try reaching as far as you comfortably can. Even folding your arms in front of your body is fine. The most important part of Pilates exercise is to use your core! Don't even worry about not being able to take your hands behind you head! Drop your elbows down by your side make a fist with your hands and put them together under your chin. I hope this all helps you.

Thank you,
Mari Winsor

Valerie Gleaton
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An answer from Mari: To penemuel

You want to strengthen you core — or powerhouse as we call it in Pilates. Try the modified roll up. Knees are bent, legs together, feet on the floor (you can always stick your feet under a couch). You will be sitting up tall. Place your hands under your lower thighs and bend your elbows open to the side. Lean back until your arms are straight and bend elbows to come back up to sitting position. While you do this motion your back will be curved as much as you can. Think of deepening the curve as you come back to sitting position. Eventually you will try this without your hands. Remember in your curved back, you want to resemble the letter C. That means you are rounding your shoulders forward and pulling in your rib cage as well as your abs. Inhale to go back and exhale to come up.

Mari Winsor

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Rollup's 101

I had surgery on my left shoulder, this makes putting my hands above my head difficult to do, so what would be suggested for me to accomplish this workout? also putting your hands behind the neck is not and option for me.What can I do please help if possible.

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Trouble with roll-ups related to height/center of balance?

I'm very short and have a fairly long torso (short legs), and am having the WORST time trying to do a roll-up, even using my hands to pull myself up. I believe that my abs should be strong enough at this point to be more successful than I am, so I'm wondering if my issues are related to the way my body is shaped and my center of balance. A lot of times, I will try to pull myself up and end up on my back with my legs in the air like a dead bug. Can anyone tell me whether it's just that my abs aren't as strong as I thought, or if it really is my proportions?

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