Trudie Styler’s Gaiam DVDs give you 6 powerful ways to strengthen, energize & lose weight

  • Weight Loss Yoga DVD:

    • Four focused workouts to help you drop pounds and inches
    • Bonus downloadable yoga practice
    • Free download of weight loss recipes from Trudie’s personal chef
  • Warrior Yoga® DVD:

    • Blends cardio conditioning, strength training & flexibility
    • 45-minute full-length or 25-minute express program
    • Bonus calming meditation
  • Core Strength Pilates DVD:

    • Dynamic Pilates routine that improves energy & builds strength
    • 45-minute full-length or 25-minute express program
    • Bonus organic cooking feature
  • Cardio Dance Flow DVD:

    • 25-minute dance workout with intense cardio intervals
    • 20-minute stretch workout leaves you leaner and longer
    • Footwork tutorial to help you master all the moves
  • Sculpt & Tone Ballet DVD:

    • 25-minute ballet routine you can do with a barre or chair
    • Sculpt and tone through invigorating dance
    • Footwork tutorial to help you master all the moves
  • Pure Sculpt DVD:

    • Six 10-minute workouts that can be done together or separately
    • Yoga-inspired body sculpting increases flexibility & muscle tone
    • Each workout focuses on a specific body area

Trudie Styler is an actress, film producer, director, human rights activist, environmentalist and organic farmer. Trudie’s charitable works for human rights and the environment have been recognized by many award-giving bodies, and through her work she is committed to working to improve the lives of impoverished and exploited children all over the world. In 1990, Trudie and Sting moved to Lake House in the English countryside and, determined to raise their children on a fresh and healthy diet, set about converting the 200 acres of farmland to organic status.
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James D’Silva was born and raised in Goa, India, before moving to England to continue his training in classical and contemporary dance. Ten years ago he opened up his own Pilates studio in London — Bombay Gymkhana — and from this base his reputation has become well-established among his many devoted and celebrated clients. James teaches his own personally devised workouts, which incorporate Pilates, yoga and dance. Using a multifunctional workout machine he created, James specializes in exercise regimes that increase flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles and improve structural fitness.

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