Gaiam Life Solution Guides

Composting is your ticket to a free lifetime supply of premium organic fertilizer. It's easier than you think to transform kitchen scraps and yard trimmings into rich, soil-like material loaded with nutrients to make your garden thrive. Start with this guide to which type of composter use, what to compost, benefits of composting, composting 101, FAQs, mistakes and troubleshooting.

Give something that matters. Our gift guide makes it easy to give each of the beautiful personalities in your life a more thoughtful, meaningful gift that's good for people and the planet. We've hand-picked 60 great gifts from our eco-friendly home and apparel lines, home-spa store, fitness and yoga favorites, and fair trade marketplace.

From what you wear to how you decorate your home, learn how to embrace style while being sustainable and ethical at the same time. Start here with our complete guide to eco-fashions and eco-home decorating — including furnishings, fabrics, apparel, seasonal décor, recycled/reclaimed finds, fair trade and more.

Find what you seek in the world of yoga. It's all here: How-to videos, FAQs and guides for getting started or reaching a new level. Plus: how to find the yoga style, class, program, gear or poses for your unique needs and goals. Whether you're new to yoga or just want to add something new to your practice, start here!

If you want to lose weight and keep the pounds off — while improving your health this guide is for you. Get weight loss experts' tips on determining your healthy weight, eating the right foods and choosing a weight loss workout that’s right for you. Plus: weight loss FAQs, exercise clips, health benefits and more.

Whether you’re just curious about how and why to start meditation or you’re looking for DVDs, supplies or info on meditating to help with a specific health condition, start here. Our guide brings together the most-wanted answers and info about meditation — including a beginner’s guide, FAQ, meditation styles, how to sit, meditation as medicine, creating a meditation space and more.

With so many ways to use an exercise ball — fitness, ergonomic sitting, injury prevention and rehab, and let's not forget FUN — you probably have questions. Start here with our complete guide to sizes, exercises, customer reviews, DVDs, FAQs, tips and more for Balance Ball exercise balls and Balance Ball Chairs.

Want to cleanse your body of toxins from the inside out and feel cleaner, lighter and healthier? Get all your detoxification questions answered in this guide, from why you should detox to which body detox or natural body cleanse program is best for you. Plus, find out the top detox tools, foods, supplements, exercises, FAQs, video clips and more.

Reach vibrant wellness and feel your best! We've got answers here for you on healthy, effective ways to deal with eight of the most common health conditions. From back pain to high blood pressure to digestion disorders, find out the causes, symptoms, best treatments and lifestyle solutions to help you heal.