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2007 September

  1. Add this toning burst into cardio for real weight loss results. Debbie Rocker gets you motivated!
  2. Yoga and meditation teacher Patricia Walden talks about how to find a sense of inner peace and practice it in your daily life.
  3. Tom Szaky, CEO of organic fertilizer company Terracycle, on why composting is a win-win for every American.
  4. John Schaeffer shows you how to make compost at home — even in the city!

2007 August

  1. Global Brain author Peter Russell explains one way to change your happiness quotient and your eco footprint.
  2. From building materials to decorating choices to high-tech energy savers, how a green home can benefit you and the planet. With...
  3. Kickboxing expert Patricia Moreno shows how a good kick reshapes glutes, hips & thighs.
  4. Boulder, Colo., homeowner Catherine Childs clears up misconceptions about CFL bulbs and describes how they've improved the...
  5. Yoga instructor and personal trainer Patricia Moreno begins a live class by grounding students in a sense of gratitude.

2007 July

  1. Everyone has a spiritual self. Feeling distant from yours? Om Yoga founder Cyndi Lee shares how practicing yoga helps her stay in...
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