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2010 November

  1. Creative moves to work your core
    There's no reason to keep doing the same old crunches! The FIRM Master Instructor Emily Welsh invites you into the studio to...

2010 October

  1. Who needs crunches when there's this new core yoga set with Rodney Yee on a red-rocks cliff?! From theGaiam Yoga: Core Cross...
  2. Discover how yoga can help create a perfect environment for optimal healing, allowing patients to improve their health by...
  3. The Pilates 100 or 'Hundred' is one of the best exercises anywhere for keeping your belly firm and flat. If you know anyone who...

2010 August

  1. Discover how tuning into your breath can help you center your mind and body in any situation in this video clip with...

2010 July

  1. Tone your arms with this controlled and effective move. Weights can be added to increase difficulty.
  2. "Renovation Nation" host Steve Thomas helps install a rain chain and a basin to collect rainwater.

2010 June

  1. Rodney Yee explains how yoga affects everything you do and can bring presence, peace and energy to your life off the mat.
  2. Rodney Yee decribes the amazing effect that "Om" - the universal sound - has on the mind, body and spirit
    The universal sound that brings us back to wholeness
  3. Rodney Yee explains the importance of this greeting in yoga and in life
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