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  • Michelle Finerty

    Autumn Transitions

    Autumn is approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere. The mornings are getting cooler and the air is crisp. The ...

  • Colleen Saidman

    Savasana with a Chair and Weight

    Relief for back pain, exhaustion, fuzzy brain and much more! If you answer yes to more than two of ...

  • Lisa Truesdale

    Day of Peace

    A few weeks before the International Day of Peace, I posed a question to my Facebook friends: “How, where, ...

  • Matt Cooke

    Practice as a Band-Aid

    What is practice to you? Is practice something that you enjoy so much that you cultivated it into a ...

  • Nichole Golden

    Taking Your Seat

    “Take a seat.” Who would have thought that those three words would be such a challenging invitation? Of course, ...