Zero Waste Holidays: Revamp Those Leftovers!

Make your holiday festivities zero waste by turning leftovers into new dishes!

Last week I put together a roundup of eco-holiday recipes — and this week’s a roundup of how to use up the leftovers to make your festivities zero waste!

>> How to reuse nine types of leftovers. Turn old pot roast into a nice, thick soup — or transform cold rice into thick, flavorful pancakes. The key lesson, according to The Simple Dollar, is to “look at leftovers as merely an ingredient for a completely different meal.”

>> How to use up a leftover ham bone. Alanna Kellogg at BlogHer explains why this bone isn’t trash: “it’s 100% flavor and it’s 100% free.” Just get out your biggest pot and you’ll be able to make everything from a Garlic Lovers’ White Bean Soup to a Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup with Five Peppers & Ham.

>> How to recycle fruitcake. The Great Fruitcake Recycling Project has put together all sorts of creative ways to reuse this much-hated brick-like holiday food. My favorite idea is the indestructable fort, though the fruitcake dartboard might be more useful for expressing your feelings toward this heavy thing.

Happy cooking in the new year!

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