Valentine's Day Intimacy With Partner Yoga

Get intimate with your partner doing yoga poses together

A gentle yet invigorating way to generate Valentine’s Day intimacy is partner yoga, an approach that allows couples to lean, twist and stretch with each other for greater trust and sensitivity. Yogi, Richard Rosen calls the practice a “yoga dialogue.” It’s true. By doing yoga poses together, you must communicate well so that no one goes flying or under- or over-stretches. There are also poses that make room for silent, simple communion that might feel awkward or silly in other contexts.

Here are two exercises lifted from Lovers’ Yoga; Stretches for Two by Darin Zeer. Though, really, just about any pose can be adapted for partner yoga. Remember playing Superman when you were little ––flying above prone friends or parents as they lifted your hips with their feet? That’s a real partner yoga pose. 


Flowing Hands

This one builds basic intimacy and spiritual connection.

“Stand face-to-face, about 2 feet apart. Gently rest your palms against your partner’s palms. Feel the heat coming through his or her hands. Look into each other’s eyes, relax, and breathe. Take 5 full breaths together.”

Standing V for Victory

In this pose, you’ll be introduced to the metaphor and reality of using someone for support.

“Stand face-to-face, about 1 foot apart. Firmly hold each other’s arms [grasp the forearms of your partner] and slowly lean back. To get a good stretch make sure you relax your arms and shoulders. Coach each other to relax and lean back farther. Take 5 long, deep breaths together.”

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