Will Meditate for Happiness: How One Man Changed His Life

Many of us think of meditation as a solution to a problem — a way to rid ourselves of worry, stress or anxiety. While an abundance of scientific studies now prove that meditation alleviates stress and the potentially severe physical and emotional problems stress creates, there’s much more to this picture.

We asked Centerpointe Research Institute founder Bill Harris, one of America’s leading experts on meditation and the creator of Holosync meditation technology, to share how he discovered and experienced the deeper, more profound benefits of meditation.

Q: Why did you begin meditating?

A: Twenty-five years ago, I was miserable, angry, difficult to get along with and often depressed. My life wasn’t working, internally or externally. I tried everything I could think of various kinds of therapy, rebirthing, firewalking, subliminal soundtracks, hypnosis, diet, herbs and hundreds of self-help books. It was through meditation that I finally began to experience the changes I had been looking for.

As I began to develop my meditation practice using more advanced techniques, I began to feel a new clarity, not only about what I saw and experienced, but also about myself and how I was creating what was happening in my life.

My creativity increased. I wrote music. I played jazz. I started successful business venture and taught personal development trainings. I began to "attract" success and live a whole new kind of life — one that was light years from where I had started.

Even as great things were happening in my outer life, the really big change was inside (where it really counts). I became more peaceful.

Today my mind is clear and calm, my crushing emotional problems are gone, and I’m surrounded by friends. And, I’ve been able to create a great deal of success in the world and help many others to do the same.

What is the most surprising gift of meditation?

There is an old saying, “Awareness creates choice. What you are unaware of happens automatically, without choice.” Meditation creates the ability to see what you are doing inside to create your life.

Though they think they are choosing, most people respond automatically to life. This limits the possibility of resourceful responses. As people become more aware, they see what they do inside to create their life, and in doing so they gain choice over it.

If you find yourself saying, “But I am aware,” remember that by definition you don’t know what you are unaware of. And no matter how aware you are, there is always something more you aren’t aware of.

If you are unaware of how you create your feelings and behaviors, and how you attract certain people and situations into your life — as most people are — these things will seem to “just happen.” Become aware of how you create these things, and you gain choice. You become a master of your life.

What are the spiritual benefits of meditation?

Spiritual knowledge is knowledge of who you really are. Most people feel separate from everything else. Fear, anger, sadness and other unpleasant feelings all flow from this feeling.

In a scientific sense, feeling separate is a symptom of an unbalanced brain. Meditation, by balancing the brain, allows you to increasingly see how everything goes together, how everything is connected.

You realize — not intellectually, but in your body — that the separate “me” you always thought you were is nothing more than your idea of who you are. It becomes clear that the real you includes all your connections to everything else. In this state of unity awareness, you no longer suffer.

Bill Harris

Bill Harris is the creator of Holosync, a technology that instantly creates the brain wave patterns of deep meditation, accelerating the meditation process helping people feel its benefits more readily. Learn more at www.centerpointe.com.

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Sonia Gallagher
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What a great interview! Meditation has been the most effective tool I've used to battle anxiety and stress in my life and to come to the realization that I was miserable in my previous profession as an attorney. Without meditation, I would have continued going through the motions and would have never gotten to know myself enough to know just how unhappy I was in my previous career.

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i like yoga, it helps loosen my tight muscles, relax me, and so on. but to say that you are your own master and everything good is coming from that is so far from the truth. God is the only master of us, everything good in your life comes from him. the choices we have are Gods gift of free will.

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