Who's Your Mama? Mother's Day Gift Guide

6 gifts she'll really love

Maybe your mom taught you to treat your body like a temple; or maybe she’s just learning that lesson herself. Show your mom or any beloved maternal figure in your life that you know her. And if you’re a mom working hard to balance it all, treat yourself!



Your mama’s empowered and it shows! She follows her daily fitness regimen religiously, but she also loves to learn new tricks. We’ve got two to keep her on her toes.


Gaiam TV online workout subscription

GaiamTV.com streaming fitness videos 

Whether Mama loves Zumba-ing or just zipping around the block, she’ll love being able to work out with expert trainers, right in her own home! GaiamTV.com brings thousands of fitness and yoga workouts to her computer, iPad® or iPhone®, anytime.

Price: $9.95 a month (after free 10-day trial)


Everything Fits Gym Bag

Everything Fits Gym Bag

With all Mama has going on, it’s amazing she has time to work out! You can help her stay organized with a bag that’s so roomy and has so many pockets and clippie things, there’s room for ... well ... everything. A vented outside compartment can hold wet clothes, a towel or one of her cute pairs of shoes. Since Mom is the epitome of eco-chic, she’ll love that the bag is made from 100 percent recycled polyester with polyester mesh.

Price: $60 for your mama



You mom is in tune with the birds twittering outside, the fragrances of the neighbor’s flowers, and the view from her kitchen window. She notices the difference between the drape of a fine organic cotton shirt and a shirt made from bamboo fibers.

Show Mama you appreciate her sensitive nature with one of these high-quality creature comforts.


Organic Cotton RobeOrganic Cotton Robe

It’s thick, warm and oh, yeah ... good for the environment, since no pesticides were used to grow it and the colors offered are made from eco-safe dyes. Yeah, Mama will notice the difference. Just watch how quickly her old robe disappears!

Price: $124


Chi Silk Pajamas

Chi Silk Pajamas

Good-bye, sweatpants! Thanks to you, Mama will soon be flaunting what she’s got in sensually soft 100 percent silk jammies with a flattering and feminine bias cut.

Price: $99




Bamboo & Organic Cotton Swing Dress

Swing Dress

Drapey and uber-comfy, yet cute and feminine, in soft, pro-planet organic cotton and bamboo. She will wear this all the time. Especially yummy in berry, but black and grey look great on every mom.

Price: $58




Does your mama put everyone else first? Has she worked tirelessly all her life without complaining? Do you hear her sigh, occasionally, when she finally gets a minute to sit down? Then we’re guessing she’d love ...


Reflexology Wellness Slides

Reflexology Wellness Slide

These unique foot-massaging sandals contain hundreds of massaging “fingers” contoured to fit her arches, providing a stimulating massage while dispersing stress and tension from toe to head, reducing foot, leg and back pain with every step.

Price: $99





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Nice stuff for my Mama. She's a green mama for sure--she is composter extraordinaire and only buys corn-starch based plastics so that she can compost them. Account statements and some junk mail go in there too (better than shredding for document protection, too!)

HT Goody

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These are all great Mother's Day ideas! I actually gave my mom a pair of silk pajamas last year! But I was thinking about doing something different for my mom this year. I heard about this really great women's retreat package at Kripalu Yoga & Wellness Center that author Renee Trudeau is giving away for Mother's Day. I think this would be perfect for my mom and I can't wait to surprise her with it! Here are the details: http://www.reneetrudeau.com/who/YummyMummySelfCarePackage2012.html

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