Where to Find Composting Worms

3 places to find worms for composting piles and containers

If you thought composting was just for homeowners, think again; with worm composting, you can make compost no matter where you live.

According to Canada’s Office of Urban Agriculture, worm composting can be done in a container. When red worms and their bedding are added to your biodegradable food scraps, they become compost with little effort. But before you can embark on a worm composting adventure, you must start by knowing where to find composting worms. These tips can help you when it comes to finding free composting worms or purchasing composting worms.

Free composting worms: Gather your own

Worms are a part of nature, so they can be found for free if you’re looking in the right places.

According to Canada’s Office of Urban Agriculture, redworms are the ones that are used for composting. And redworms are often found hanging about compost and manure piles. If you want free composting worms, then, all you have to do is to find some manure that’s been sitting around for some time. Bring a bag and pair of gloves and start collecting.

In addition, you can ask owners of compost piles in your neighborhood for free worms. Be prepared to gather quite a bit, however. You’ll need around 2,000 worms per pound of food scraps, according to worm compost author Mary Applehof.

Feed and garden stores sell composting worms

Because worm composting is popular, you can purchase composting worms from local feed and garden stores. Make sure you tell the employees who help you make your purchase that you’re looking for composting worms, redworms, as other types of worms tend to die in composting piles. When worms for composting are available to purchase from local feed and garden stores, you have the advantage of knowing that you’ll be able to get more worms when you need them without much effort or forethought.

Buy composting worms online

In today’s world, you can order everything from used clothes to groceries online. Worms are no different. You can order composting worms from websites that specialize in home and garden needs, green sites and virtual nature stores. Some websites even offer fast shipping, so you can have your worms and begin composting as soon as possible. If you’re brand new to the concept of worm composting, you might want to search the Internet for worm composting kits that come with bins and manuals.

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