The Weight Loss Expert: Meet Oprah's Personal Trainer Bob Greene

The Best Life® Diet creator and certified personal trainer launches a new Total Body Makeover DVD produced with Gaiam

Bob Greene understands the psychology behind overeating — and the struggles we all face when trying to lose weight and get healthy. His new weight loss DVD produced with Gaiam incorporates his motivational techniques that have helped Oprah Winfrey and thousands of others lose weight and get healthier.

“Gaiam and I share the philosophy that everyone inherently has the ability to make beneficial improvements to their lives; they just need the right tools and motivation,” says Bob. “My new DVD is designed to improve not just how you look, but also how you feel and how you’re able to function every day.”

Bob’s motivational techniques have helped thousands successfully better their overall health — and his knowledge of metabolism and weight loss has contributed to making him one of the top motivational weight loss trainers in the world.

An exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer, Bob Greene holds a master's degree from the University of Arizona and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. He has worked with clients and consulted on the design and management of fitness, spa, and sports medicine programs. As Oprah's personal trainer, Bob is a frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show and a contributing writer and editor for O the Oprah magazine and He has authored several New York Times bestsellers including The Best Life Diet, The Best Life Diet Cookbook, The Total Body Makeover, and Get With the Program!

Bob Greene's weight loss DVD with Gaiam

Bob’s Total Body Makeover DVD “brings the program from the book to life,” says Bob. It’s the first in a series of fitness and weight loss nutrition DVDs Bob is producing with Gaiam.

Shot amid the inspiring, lush green surroundings of Santa Barbara, Calif., the DVD features a progressive eight-week exercise, nutrition and motivational program that guides people through not just a workout or diet but a holistic lifestyle transformation they can maintain for a lifetime. The program is created for all levels of fitness, including the beginner with no prior fitness experience. The first week of the program starts with only one hour of training per week, using the exerciser’s body weight and light dumbbells.

“I thank Bob for his honesty, his compassion and his expertise,” says Cindy Heiss, who lost about 100 pounds by following Bob’s workout and nutrition advice. She says she “started internalizing his concepts after seeing him on “Oprah!” Watch a clip with this and more testimonials here.

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