Watch Your Portions of These 5 Foods

Learn the secret to portion control

Portion control is one of my all-time favorite subjects to discuss with my clients and my family (although I try to keep my mouth shut at dinner time). When it comes to weight loss and nutrition, there’s nothing more important than controlling your portions. Eat too much of something and you’ll gain weight, but practice portion control and you’ll lose weight, even while eating foods such as ice cream and chocolate. It all comes down to keeping a close eye on the foods that matter most.  

Keep an eye on portion control for these five foods and you will most likely drop some weight without even trying. Plus, I’ve also included the top five foods that need not be portioned at all!
5 most important foods to portion control 
1. Cheese. At 100 calories per ounce, this delectable food can easily wreck a diet. It’s always smart to either portion out ¼ cup of shredded or crumbled cheese or to stick with one slice. 
2. Salad dressing. Even “lower-calorie” salad dressing can add up, and salad dressing can single-handedly turn a low-calorie meal into a high-calorie diet disaster. Always look at the nutrition label and strive to keep salad dressing to 100 calories or less. 
3. Frozen yogurt. This self-proclaimed low-fat treat is not low in calories. At approximately 80-200 calories per ½ cup, low-fat frozen yogurt can easily prevent weight loss. Always strive to stay under 100 calories, which is often a mere ½ cup, in order to keep your sugar and “empty calories” under control. 
4. Peanut butter/nuts. While nuts and nut butters are super healthy and rich in healthy oils, they are also chock full of calories. I always suggest pre-portioning your nuts and nut butters, as they can be highly addictive. Limit nut butters to 2 tbsp and limit nuts to 1 ounce. For nuts, 1 ounce is equivalent to 20-24 almonds, 25-30 peanuts, 17 cashews, or 10 walnut halves. 
5. Crackers/breads/pasta. Even when choosing whole-grain carbohydrates, you should practice portion control. Whole-grain carbohydrates are calorie dense, and at 80 calories for a mere ½ cup of grains or small slice of bread, we can easily get carried away. Try to limit whole-grain carbohydrates to 2-4 servings per day depending on calorie and weight management goals. 
Help yourself to these 5 foods
1. Raw veggies
2. Low-sugar fruits, such as berries and melon
3. Low-fat, low-sugar tomato sauce
4. Low-fat proteins, such as egg whites, turkey breast and seafood
5. Vegetable and chicken-based soups, without a lot of noodles 
I hope that this refresher course in portion control helps you out. I know for sure that when I pay close attention to my portions, my scale begins to descend. Please share your portion control secrets and questions below!
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