Top 4 Natural Exfoliants

Natural ways to rejuvenate your skin

Exfoliation, according to the Exfoliant Resource Center, can improve the look of your skin by revealing a new, healthier layer underneath. However, this beauty doesn’t come without a cost. Non-natural exfoliation, whether it takes the form of chemicals or exfoliation tools, can be painful. These natural exfoliants, however, can help you have you have beautiful skin without undergoing painful and complex exfoliation processes.

What are exfoliants?

Exfoliants remove dead skin cells to reveal the younger skin cells underneath. Exfoliation is good for both oily and dry skin. Facial exfoliants made from only natural ingredients are readily available in your own home or neighborhood market.

What do natural exfoliants do?

Natural facial exfoliants are designed to rejuvenate skin and return its elasticity, as well as smooth and tone your face and prevent blemishes, all without harsh and harmful chemicals. Using natural facial exfoliants a few times per week removes the debris that can clog your pores and cause acne or ingrown hairs. Unlike chemical products, natural facial exfoliants don’t include any of the harsh chemicals that can actually make skin problems worse by irritating your skin.

According to a 2004 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel interview with Lynne Frances Herro, an aesthetician, natural facial exfoliants have gained so much popularity that some commercially produced products now also contain food or food extracts. According to Herro, the problem with the commercially produced exfoliants, even those labeled as natural, is that they contain preservatives to extend their shelf life, as well as fragrances, which can cause allergies. In the interview, Herro recommended making your own natural facial exfoliants because you’ll know exactly what’s in them.


Because they are used to scrub away the dead layer of skin that can dull the look of your face, exfoliants must be coarse. However, they can also have healing properties. One natural exfoliant is oatmeal. It can be either ground to create a fine scrub or applied as whole oats. You can actually make your own exfoliating creams with oatmeal, or you can look for natural creams that include oatmeal as a primary ingredient.

Sea salt

According to Now Chic, sea salt is one of the most powerful natural exfoliants. If you want to make a facial scrub that really opens your pores, you can mix sea salt with water and use it each morning. Using sea salt is not only a natural way to exfoliate your skin, it’s also inexpensive and easy to find. According to Salt Works, an American sea salt company, sea salt isn’t just beneficial to the skin when it’s used as an exfoliant; healthy skin also relies on sodium, so by having sea salt in the home, you are equipped to make your best effort for skin health.

Coffee grounds

Another natural exfoliant that is easy to find is coffee grounds. Available in supermarkets for low prices, coffee grounds are excellent natural exfoliants — fresh or used. According to Natural Living for Women, coffee grounds are antibacterial, giving your face a cleaning while you exfoliate. To make a wonderful paste out of coffee grounds, mix them with moist ingredients like olive oil, honey, yogurt or apple juice.

Ground almonds

Almonds not only slough away the top layer of coarse skin, but they also supply natural oils that nourish and supplement the skin. In fact, the natural oils contained in almonds, such as vitamin E, work with all skin types, which is not true of all oils. Almond oil softens the skin, but doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. Grind almonds in a blender and mix them with a moist ingredient for a natural face scrub.

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