Top 10 Senior Activities

The best ways to stay active as you grow older

Senior citizens were once viewed as being capable of only participating in rather mundane activities. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Due to advances in medicine, as well as the popular awareness of the overall significance of daily exercise and health, senior citizens can now participate in a wide variety of entertaining, engaging and even exhilarating activities.


Many active retirees choose to spend their golden years traveling around the world, and the options are endless.

According to Senior Journal, many senior citizens choose packages such as pre-arranged tours to popular destinations in Asia, Europe and Latin America, or even long-distance cruises. In addition, the new trend is for “extreme” adventures geared solely for senior citizens, such as safaris in Africa, camel riding in Mongolia and snorkeling in the Caribbean.


Yoga has become extremely popular recently with active senior citizens, as the 5,000-year-old practice allows for individuals of all ages to increase muscle tone and flexibility, and even alleviate joint and muscle pain, with little impact on the body.

T’ai chi and martial arts

Certain martial arts, such as t’ai chi, were created less for fighting and more so to perfect a balance between mind and body. It is for that reason that t’ai chi has become very popular with senior citizens, as practicing it daily stimulates blood flow, concentration and even flexibility. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, t’ai chi is an incredible means by which to alleviate stress and develop a deeper sense of self-identity and spirituality.

Recording memories

Many senior citizens enjoy recording some of their favorite memories, whether through scrapbooking, recording stories verbally or writing autobiographies.


Camping is fun for all ages, but it can be especially enjoyable for senior citizens. Depending on the experience level of the participants, one can camp rather easily at campgrounds throughout the nation (e.g., Leo Carrillo State Beach for beach camping, or Sequoia National Park for camping under the majestic sequoia trees).


Gardening is nice way to alleviate stress, as well as beautify your home. Having a green thumb is a wonderful hobby, as spending time outdoors and being active will only have positive results toward a person's overall lifestyle. Furthermore, you can have your own grocery produce section in your backyard.


Much like camping, hiking is fun for everyone, and requires little preparation. One can go for a hike almost anywhere, and, depending upon your level of seriousness and physical fitness, it can also be a decent workout. Despite the rigors of the climb, active senior citizens conquer Yosemite's Half Dome every year.


With a bit of free time, a senior citizen can engage in a number of truly entertaining hobbies. These range dramatically, including coin collecting, photography, bird watching, rifle and hand gun shooting, carpentry and even surfing!

Volunteer work

Many senior citizens choose to spend their retirement giving back to the community. Whether it is teaching at a local school or doing relief work in a foreign country, volunteer work is an overall satisfying experience for people of all ages.

Brain training games

This last activity is rather unique, but is still very popular. Brain training games are an excellent way to keep your mind sharp, and the options are truly vast. While there is always the traditional crossword puzzle, Nintendo has created a series of fun and interactive video games designed specifically for senior citizens on the popular and family-friendly Wii system.

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