Tips for Choosing the Perfect Yoga Mat for You

6 considerations when buying a yoga mat

Whether you’re a fresh-faced beginner or a seasoned yogi, a yoga mat is a crucial tool for your practice. Yoga mats provide a soft, nonslip surface for your comfort and safety, so it’s important to pick the mat that’s right for you. Here’s a quick guide to the important factors to consider.


Make sure that your new yoga mat matches your body size and shape. If you’re particularly tall, certain yoga poses might extend beyond the length of ordinary mats, causing discomfort and slippage. These days, extra-long yoga mats are available from most retailers, and are well worth the extra cost.


If you practice yoga regularly, or if you’re particularly sensitive to hard surfaces, it’s worth investing in some extra padding for added comfort. The Premium Yoga Mat is twice as thick as a regular mat, with the same practical nonslip surface. Now you can learn yoga in style and comfort.


If you want to play your part in helping to protect the environment, then the all-natural Eco Friendly Reversible Yoga Mat or Gaiam Sol Suddha Eco Yoga Mat are good choices, as they are made from non-toxic TPE, which contains no PVC or latex and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. You may also want to check out the Wisdom Eco Rubber Yoga Mat, created from all-natural rubber. Besides being non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable, rubber offers excellent grip and superior cushioning. And, if you need something extra-comfortable, why not try the luxuriously padded Natural Cotton Mat? Buying a yoga mat can mean going green and getting fit at the same time.


Don’t forget that you’ll need to transport your new yoga mat to class or to your favorite tranquil outdoor space. There are plenty of choices on the market, from plain yoga slings to ornate carryall yoga bags.


If your yoga mat is a permanent fixture at home, you might want to choose a color and pattern that matches your décor. A unique yoga mat is also a great way to make a splash at class or in the gym, and you can be sure you won’t mix it up with anyone else’s.

Advanced yogis

You’ll know when it’s time to upgrade your yoga mat for one with premium qualities, such as superior grip, long-wearing durability or a specially textured surface. Fine tune your choices by shopping professional-quality yoga mats from someone whose reputation you trust.

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Great article. I personally went with the and eco-light mat. I have done a lot of research for yoga mats and it can become almost a guessing game. Thanks for the article! A great supplement to this piece is an article I read on link is

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