The Three R's Get a Holiday

Reduce, reuse, and recycle — or the 3 R's — are not just a recycling mantra. Each of the 3 R's has its own fall holiday! Here's how you can join the green celebrations:

Reduce holiday stress

Observe Buy Nothing Day on Nov. 28! Instead of fighting crowds at the mall on the day after Thanksgiving, environmentalists are encouraged to take part in the most relaxing form of protest ever — just enjoy the day without spending any money. Best part of this eco-action: It's completely free!

Reuse that bag

Celebrate Day Without A (Disposable) Bag, happening Dec. 18. While many stores and companies will be giving away reusable bags, reusing the reusable bag you've already got is much more eco-friendly than stockpiling more reusable bags than you need! This will be a good day, though, to get less green friends and neighbors on the BYO bagging train.

Explore the (re)Cycle

America Recycles Day came and went on Nov. 15, but you can still find out what happens to your bottles, cans, and paper after you put them in the recycling bin via this informative video by RecycleBank, an innovative company that actually pays local governments and its residents for recycling. If you've wondered how modern recycling facilities separate all the different materials, this video will show you how single stream recycling works. Watch it — then remember to close the loop by buying recycled products whenever possible!

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