T'ai Chi Master, "Ah-ha! Moment" Seeker: About David-Dorian Ross

Since the day t'ai chi master David-Dorian Ross took his first t'ai chi class and was catapulted into a moment of "peak experience," his life's work has been about understanding that phenomenon. 

In his book Exercising the Soul, David explains why the physical movement we all need is one of the easiest ways to access your own Peak Experience, Flow or "Ah-ha!" moments and even make them happen at will. He contends that they're always available to us, but the hustle-bustle of life tricks us into disconnecting from that truth.

A martial arts teacher, certified personal trainer, speaker and expert in holistic health and wellness, Ross has won four U.S. gold medals, two world bronze medals and a world silver medal, the highest award ever given to a non-Asian for t’ai chi. He holds a degree in Human Movement Studies and is a faculty member of the International Sports Medicine Association, a certified continuing educator for the American Council on Exercise and a member of the Oregon Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

David is a believer in the “whole-part-whole” teaching method — a dynamic that makes his t'ai chi classes and t'ai chi instruction DVDs especially easy to follow. He demonstrates the entire sequence; then instructs in the details of stance, positioning and movement in a learn-by-doing approach, then helps you see and try the details in sequence as a whole.


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