Strategies for a Slim Waist and Tight Core

4 ways to burn fat from your waist with exercise and diet

If you need motivation to slim your waist, there is a very effective strategy that you can use. Go to the beach and look at everyone in their bikinis. If you’re aching to be bikini-clad this year, then get working. While slimming your waistline doesn’t have to be a boring task, it will take work. However, the looks you’ll get at the beach will be enough to convince you that you did something right to get your waist under control.

Step 1: Stick to a healthy diet

The first step if you want to get slim in a hurry is to manage your eating. Waist exercises are a part of this process, but so is the amount of food in your diet. And, according to the Mayo Clinic, calories are directly related to weight.

When you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. It sounds so easy, but it can be a difficult issue because it means giving up what you want in the short-term to meet your long-term goal of a slimmer waist. Being serious about slimming your waistline has to mean being serious about exchanging your calorie-rich foods for a healthier diet, which the Mayo Clinic recommends be filled primarily with fruit and vegetables, followed by whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats.

Step 2: Use waist-slimming workout DVDs

Now that you’re eating a healthier diet, you should turn toward exercise for your waistline. While traditional exercises such as running and walking can certainly help you slim your waistline, to add variety to your workout and have a cold- or foul-weather back-up plan, have DVDs on hand that are specifically designed to help you get slim and tighten your core. Usually the titles of these DVDs will tell you all you need to know about what type of workout they offer, but you can also read the description on the case to make sure it offers a sweat-inducing workout that will help you burn calories and slim down, as opposed to a stretching or toning routine. Reading user-generated workout DVD reviews online can help you make a great selection.

Step 3: Try Pilates

According to the Pilates Association of Canada, Pilates exercises are designed to develop your core, or the muscles around your midsection. As you continue to practice moves that tone your body this way, you become longer and leaner, eventually achieving the body leanness that you desire. As an added benefit, Pilates exercises are designed so that almost anyone can practice them, and they’re also helpful for back pain and body balancing, according to the Pilates Association of Canada.

Step 4: Have exercise basics at home

Whether you’re going to be working with a DVD, going for a run or trying Pilates, having exercise basics at home is essential to helping you step up and get thin! Without the proper shoes or clothing, exercise can become difficult or dangerous. Be sure to dress appropriately for your workout to ensure the most positive experience possible. Some people also find that having inexpensive workout accessories such as stability balls, resistance bands and yoga mats at home not only add diverse options to their workout routine, but provide visual motivation to get to work.

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