Spiritual Life Coaching

Reintegrate spirituality into your fitness regime with the help of an adviser

Do you wonder, "How can I improve my spiritual life?" All too often, if one's spiritual life is attended to at all, it's once a week on Sundays for about an hour. Many individuals fail to recognize themselves as body, mind and spirit, and, as daily life is taken care of, spiritual health is neglected. Spiritual life coaching is one possible way for you to move your spirituality back into your health regimen.

What is spiritual life coaching?

Spiritual life coaching is a holistic approach to providing overall improvement in your life. As you take steps along your spiritual journey, you may find the need for inspiration and direction. A spiritual life coach assists clients with making positive life choices.

Laura Svolov, Swami of The Temple of Kriya Yoga, states that spirit coaching is a means to change in every aspect of your life. Because your spiritual needs must be met, just as your basic human needs must be met, spiritual life coaching can help ensure every part of your life gets the attention it needs.

What are the benefits?

The benefits to improving your spiritual health are endless. When your spiritual life is in good shape, the positive effects will ripple out to all other areas of your life. Renowned author Dr. Wayne Dyer notes that clarity and self-confidence grow as your spiritual health improves. Lifelong habits you may have been wishing to change become manageable. Because your "whole" self is being cared for, positive shifts begin to occur throughout all aspects of your life.

Spiritually, you will find yourself in a deeper relationship with your god or higher power. If you hold a desire to know your true calling in the world, spiritual life coaching may help guide you toward an understanding of that purpose.

Is spiritual life coaching necessary?

Victoria Moran, author of Living a Charmed Life, states it is your birthright to access all that is good. While it is certainly an individual decision, spiritual life coaching has served to assist individuals with tapping into and taking care of their spiritual needs. A life coach will help you attain specific goals, while a spiritual life coach will help you attain goals in addition to paying close attention to your spiritual development. Because we are body, mind and spirit, including spirituality in our overall health, according to Moran, is a significant piece to attaining all that is good in life. For some people, that involves obtaining direction from a spiritual life coach. Others are able to find their spiritual path with little guidance. The decision to get spiritual life coaching is completely yours.

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