Solar-Powered Travel and Leisure

Need a vacation? Take a solar-powered fishing trip, or enjoy a solar-powered outdoor shower while camping, or just watch a movie — in a solar-powered theater, of course!

  • PVC-free Solar Shower. Always wanted to take an eco-friendly shower outdoors  without waiting for rain? The Oko Box blog has a photo-illustrated review of a solar shower from REI: “For a nice warm shower anywhere you ever could go, you only have to spend about $31 which includes all the shipping & handling costs too! That’s a freakin’ cheap one-time hot water bill!”
  • Solar-powered movie theater. Next time you’re in Livermore, Calif., watch the latest eco-documentary at the Livermore Cinemas. Environment First reports that the theater has installed a “18,000 square foot solar installation that will reportedly provide 35 percent of the theater’s energy needs, and cut its electric bill by 45 percent.”
  • Solar-powered fishing trip. A new electric boat by Humber Boats may never need to be plugged in, thanks to its solar panels. According to Treehugger, the sun-powered boat “will run 1.5 hours at full speed on a full charge, and will recharge in about eight hours. If you putter about for fishing at 20 or 30 minutes at a time it might run all day.”

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