Simple Ways to Cut Calories without Feeling Deprived

Staying healthy and fit can be hard work, especially during the holidays when extra effort and willpower is oftentimes needed. Life gets busy and counting calories isn't always possible. As the New Year approaches, think about incorporating some of these simple, yet effective, ways to cut calories without feeling deprived.

Watch the empty calories from beverages

Don't drink your calories away with juices, regular sodas or alcohol. Juice, while healthy and good for you, has a lot of sugar. Try cutting down your daily morning juice to half a cup to save yourself roughly 50 calories. Even better, feel fuller and save calories by substituting your morning juice for an actual piece of fruit. Regular soda, also high in sugar, runs about 100 calories per serving. Save those calories for something yummier and more satisfying by having a seltzer and a slice of fruit instead.

Buy single-serving portions

Believe it or not, the vending machine at work can actually be your friend. Vending machines offer single servings of your favorite treats, helping you avoid buying things in bulk and being tempting onto overeating.

Move more

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or the next time you're on the phone, walk around while chatting away. Try buying a pedometer and set short and long-term goals to move more, gradually increasing your steps.

Sleep more

According to research, those who don't sleep enough produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. More cortisol equals a bigger appetite, increasing overeating, and in the end, contributing to weight gain.

Take it to go

A typical restaurant serves at least four times the recommended serving suggestion. Dole out a single serving — about the size of a tennis ball for pasta, rice or potatoes and about the size of your palm for a portion of protein. Better yet, when served in a restaurant, immediately cut your meal in half and have them bag the rest to take home. Not only are you saving calories you're also saving money and getting two meals for the price of one.

Finally, try to tap into how hungry or full you feel. If you are full, you don't have to keep eating just because it's there.

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