Set Up Your Home Workout Space for Yoga

5 steps to set up a sacred space for yoga practice at home

When you’re committed to practicing yoga every day, or at least several times a week, you’ll have a much better shot at reaching that goal if you set up an uncluttered, peaceful yoga space in your home so you don’t have to run to a studio all the time. Follow these steps to create a yoga practice area in your home.

Select your space

Find a place that is free from distraction, where you feel peaceful and at ease. It doesn’t have to be big, but it has to at least fit a yoga mat, with a little extra wiggle room. You can measure your workout space by setting up your mat lengthwise and then flip it measuring widthwise. If you are practicing inversions, you should designate a wall space to support your personal growth in these poses.

Remove any clutter

Make sure you clear away any furniture or other home items so that you may enjoy the full range of your poses during your home workout. Removing clutter also adds to the relaxed atmosphere of your yoga space.

Sanctify your yoga workout space

If possible, set your yoga workout space apart for yoga only, keeping your day-to-day “stuff” out of this space. Instead, fill it with the intention of enjoying this commitment to yourself and your body. Keep your home workout space consistent, and ask family members or housemates to be aware of this space in order to lessen the possibility of disturbances.

Add music and inspirational images

If you like to listen to music or guided meditations, add some sort of music device such as an iPod® or CD player. Choose sounds that will help you tune in to your breath and become aware of your own natural rhythms during your home workout. Consider adding mindfulness chimes that will help you practice living in the present. Enliven your workout space with sacred objects or inspirational images. You’ll find the more you add to your space to make it special, the more relaxed and happy you'll feel when you enter it.

Give your new space a try

Once you’ve set it up, try out a few poses, some you’re comfortable with and a few that challenge you. Your workout at home can change depending on your mood and energy. You can basically do whatever you want — because it’s your personal space.

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