Secrets of Positive Thinking

3 benefits of staying optimistic

In times like today, with tragic natural disasters, terrorist threats and the economic crisis, positive thinking is more important than ever. Lifting our spirits is part of physical and mental health, as well as part of leading a happy, fulfilled life. Here's a look at some practical ways staying positive can benefit our lives.

Positive thinking contributes to success

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.”

That is the ultimate lesson of positive thinking. If you have no faith in yourself, you are more likely to fail because you are less likely to try. However, when you focus on positive thoughts about your abilities and attempts to reach your goals, you will most likely succeed. Positive thinking can give you the confidence you need to succeed.

Positive thinking provides solutions

When you think positively, you will almost always find more solutions than when you think negatively. When you are optimistic, you believe there is a solution to be found, and you free your mind to devise those solutions. Pessimism can lead to hopelessness about the possibility of change, and can leave you entrenched in thoughts of worst-case scenarios and failure.

Positive thinking can improve your health

Did you know that your mind has the power to improve your health? According to findings by the Mayo Clinic, a leading research hospital, positive thinking reduces stress and improves your health. Researchers found health benefits of positive thinking to include longer life span, lower risk of depression, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and better coping skills during times of distress.

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