The Secret behind 'The Secret': The Making of an Oprah Favorite Film

How the law of attraction helped make the vision of this film a reality
Rhonda Byrne says The Secret is not just the name of her film, but also the method behind its making — and the key to her own ability to emerge from a dark time in her life and create this film that has created such a buzz.

As creator and executive producer of The Secret (watch the trailer now) — the surprise-hit, viral-marketed film featured on two episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show — Rhonda Byrne relied on her background in film and television production in her native Australia. But she also used the “I can achieve anything" mindset and techniques that are the subject of the film itself: a way of creating your own reality by tapping into the law of attraction.

“2004 was a very difficult year for me,” says Byrne. “My father died. My mother was grief stricken. One bad thing after another was happening. I was totally exhausted and then I totally surrendered.”

After 10 years producing internationally successful TV shows such as The World's Greatest Commercials and Great Escapes, Byrne’s life was shifting. She felt her ideals shifting with it, and she found herself wanting to fulfill people, rather than just entertain them.

“That’s when my daughter handed me the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, written in 1910,” Byrne recalls. “In less than two hours I read the whole thing. That began a process of reading hundreds of books on related subjects."

She says her whole life suddenly pulled into focus.

As she began to put into practice what she had learned, it seemed to Byrne that almost no one knew the things she had discovered, although the concepts could be found in a wide variety of religions and fields of study throughout history.

“I decided I would bring this knowledge to the world,” she says. And by applying the law of attraction to her desire to create this film, she soon found that she was attracting what she needed to make it happen.

To introduce more of the world to The Secret and how it drove the achievements of famous thinkers and leaders, from Plato and Newton to Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein, Lincoln ... Byrne needed dozens of leading scientists, authors and philosophers — not to mention $3 million. She says it was using the principles explained in the film — including asking for what she wanted, visualizing herself as already having it, and practicing gratitude — that made it all seem to fall into her lap. In fact, she says that to this day she isn’t sure where some of the $3 million came from.

"We used The Secret for everything we did in every moment," she says of the filmmaking process at her company, Prime Time Productions.

In the film, the scientists and experts explain the law of attraction and some simple keys to using it in your own life. They map out how you can attract anything you want in your life: money and success, restored and sustained vibrant health, a passionate love-of-your-life relationship …

You see how The Secret has changed the lives of the experts themselves, as well as those of everyday people. One woman tells how she was cured of breast cancer in 3 months without chemotherapy or radiation; her therapy consisted only of the techniques explained in The Secret. A gay man, endlessly abused at work and frequently acosted in public by homophobics, began using The Secret and soon began to find that he was no longer a victim or a target.

Byrne  says she herself has used The Secret in many ways beyond making the film, including restoring her own clear vision. “For the past three years I have worn reading glasses,” she explains. “I suddenly realized that I had bought in to the belief that at a certain age, one needs reading glasses. I used The Secret to see myself as clearly as when I was 21 years old. Within three days my eyesight returned to normal and I no longer need glasses.”

These days, Byrne is working on production of a sequel to The Secret to be released this year. “I’m also writing treatments for mainstream films,” she says. “One is a comedy that delivers sacred information. It’s designed to bring joy to people around the world, which is my life commitment.”

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