Say "No" to Nuked Spinach - Start Gardening

The Food and Drug Administration has given irradiated spinach the go-ahead, but many people aren't too psyched about eating nuked spinach — they are blogging their opinions. Why eat dirtily-grown factory-farmed spinach that has to be nuked, when you can opt for local, sustainable produce instead?

In fact, even urbanites are taking up food gardening by the droves. In Wired magazine, Clive Thompson expounds on why urban farming isn't just for foodies: "Our world faces many food-resource problems, and a massive increase in edible gardening could help solve them," Thompson opines. "The next president should throw down the gauntlet and demand Americans sow victory gardens once again."

So stay a step ahead and grow your own! Don't have yard space? How about building a green roof with this handy guide? Rooftop gardens have benefits beyond just providing you with yummy, local, inexpensive food: "Plants on your roof can reduce your heating and cooling bills and protect your house's waterproofing. That's in addition to all the other good things, like cleaning air, filtering water and providing a feast for your senses."

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