Romancing Yourself

Take yourself out for a date on Valentine’s Day! Here are 5 creative ways to celebrate YOU!

Just because you didn't have a date for Valentine’s Day doesn't mean you should spend the rest of the month at home in your old sweats watching “Sex in the City” reruns while binging on Oreos and potato chips ’til your brand new designer skinny jeans don’t zip anymore. Instead, take yourself out on a date!

You hold the key to your own happiness and inner peace. And if you’re looking for a partner, you must first love yourself before you can find love anywhere else. It is perhaps the most important foundation for a meaningful, long-lasting relationship. One of the best ways to work towards this state of being is by taking quality time for yourself, by yourself.

Here are a few great ways to let the world romance you:

Wining and Dining

It may seem intimidating, but going out for a leisurely dinner alone can be extremely cathartic and empowering. Pick a nice, quiet restaurant that you've always wanted to go to and treat yourself to something completely new. Perhaps there’s a vegetarian eatery that just opened in your area, or a slow food restaurant that you’ve never tried. Order a glass of organic wine and have a three-course meal. Don’t skip dessert! If you're worried that you’ll feel restless or bored, bring a good book to read or a journal to write in. Or just kick back and take in the atmosphere!

Be a Tourist

Have you lived in New York City all your life and never been to the top of the Empire State Building? Are you one of those Angelinos who has never gone to the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Everyone takes things for granted in their own home towns, so do the one touristy thing that you’ve always meant to do, but simply never got around to doing. After a long day of touring, relax with a bit of yoga for travelers.

Get the Knots Out

Feeling tense? Go ahead! Make an appointment at a spa and treat yourself to a full body massage. It might be a bit pricy, but as you feel the tension release from your body, you’ll know it’s worth every penny. Massage Online offers descriptions of different types of massages and listings of massage therapists in locations throughout the United States and around the world.

Movie Night

Admit it: you’re dying to see that new Lindsay Lohan flick but you’re embarrassed to tell your friends. Head to the local movie theater and indulge in a guilty pleasure, totally on your own terms. You won’t have to share your popcorn and you can stretch out on both armrests. Worried about feeling lonely? Ask a friend to meet you post-show and get a cup of tea or do a little shopping.

Art Smarts

Add a little art and culture to your life and check out a new exhibit at a local museum. Whether you like to stare at one painting for hours on end or you prefer to cover as much ground as possible, you’ll be able to go at your own pace without worrying about anyone else.

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