Ringo Starr: Save Paper, Stop Sending Me Fan Mail!

I'm a lifelong Beatles devotee, so when I saw Ringo Starr's video blog last week demanding that his fans to stop sending him fan mail because he has "too much to do," I found it a little off-putting.

However, as a proponent of living green, I liked his follow-up statement saying he made the request, in part, to help the planet. The drummer announced that he would throw away all fan mail postmarked after Oct. 20, which caused some to say he was ungrateful to his fans, but the outcry prompted Ringo to clarify his decision with another statement. In it, he says that his ban on mail is "in direct response to an inordinate amount of items which have recently appeared for sale on eBay, and to those that repeatedly send cards and items to be signed."

He adds that all the mail is "a waste of paper and we all should be mindful of our carbon footprint." See, people — a guy who peppers most of his sentences with the phrase "peace and love" can't be that bad.

Also this week, as teen hunk Zac Efron talked about his plans to appear in a remake of Footloose, the original Ren McCormack, Kevin Bacon, is also in the news. Kyra Sedgewick's hubby launched sixdegrees.org, a Web site where you can read about and donate to various celeb-supported charities. Kick off your Sunday shoes and check it out.

For some time I've been telling you about Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation, which is building homes for Hurricane Katrina victims, and now I wanted to share an update. The first six houses have been completed! Brad, Angelina Jolie and their kids toured the area to see the homes, and the new homeowners sang Brad's praises to the media. Now only 144 homes to go ...

One-time "Party of Five" star Neve Campbell is the latest person to speak out about the growing exploitation of Canada's tar sands. The actress, who from hails from up north, recently toured the oil sands development near Alberta and told a local paper she was "horrified by the pace and scale of development in the tar sands, and the weak response by our federal and provincial governments." She's vowed to work with ForestEthics and the First Nations to raise awareness. Well, Neve, I'll help spread the word.

Gotta run — I'm off to the post office to mail Ringo one last fan letter ... on recycled paper, of course. See you next week!

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