Rethinking Gifts for Mom

Unique gifts for Mother's Day

It's stressful being a mom, even when you're mothering adult kids who never call. Once you give birth (I wouldn't know, but so I hear) a switch is flipped that never allows the thought of your child(ren) to be far from your mind — and heart. So this Mother's Day you can treat the woman who brought you into this world with the same old one-two combination: brunch and jewelry or lunch and flowers, but why not make this year different? Help your mom help herself with a gift that's all about health, healing, and much-needed relaxation.

If I were a mom, I'd be thrilled to receive:

A yoga class package Take care of a month's worth of classes for your mom, or if she's brand new, buy her a introductory yoga course. You can find a yoga center near you at or you could go the extra mile and buy her a complete yoga gear setup to help get her started. Or get her a membership on GaiamTV where you can stream thousands of fitness videos anytime, anywhere.

A Thai massage No oil, no undressing, no poking and prodding — just pure stretching bliss. Thai massage works through energetic blockages in the body through strategic stretches. The recipient wears comfortable clothes and is manipulated through a series of poses while exerting no effort. Many of the poses are yoga-like in nature. The result? A sense of openness and energy that rarely accompanies your traditional Swedish kneading. 

30 minutes of reflexology Skip the manicure and pedicure and get right to the good stuff. Reflexologists trigger points in the feet (the hands too) that correspond with internal organs and other areas of the body. It's a two-for-one gift that can help your mom treat a specific ailment while giving her feet a much-needed rub down. 

A vegetarian cooking class If your meat-eating mom has expressed some veggie curiosity, now is the time to fully expand her horizons. A professional vegetarian cooking class will show her that vegetarianism is about more than tofu and broccoli. The San Francisco Vegetarian Society is a great place to find a class near you. For other locations check the Cooking School Guide.

An appointment with a holistic health counselor Changing your diet is easier said than done. Your mother knows this. If she truly wants to establish healthy eating patterns help her by booking an appointment with a holistic health counselor. To find a holistic health counselor near you check your local health food store for information or talk to alternative health practitioners (acupuncturists, massage therapists, aromatherapists, etc.). The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is also a good resource.

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